One of my favorite brands and inspirations in fashion is Karl Lagerfeld. If you don’t know, he is a German photographer, artist, and the creative director of Chanel and Fendi. Karl is based out of Paris and is one of the biggest names in fashion and has been for many years. He is also known for his silver hair and big sunglasses. Below, are some looks from the new Ready to wear, Karl Lagerfeld  and I am obsessed!



karl lagerfeld

Summer Blazer
Summer Tuxedo Pants
Vitesse Legere Strap Mesh Running Shoe
K/Sporty Minaudiere


karl lagerfeldCropped Tux Blazer W/ Sequins

karl lagerfeld
KL Logo Hoodie
Leather and Suede Shorts
K/Signature Gloss Shoulder Bag


In this collection, there are several key pieces that I feel every woman should have in their closet. Such pieces include the tailored pink blazer and tuxedo pants that is classy yet urban chic look.  I’ve also been very keen on the KL collection, it definitely has some menswear inspired pieces that I adore. In addition, the sequin sleeved blazer is another statement piece that is very versatile along with this stunning jewelry.

Another obsession that I have is the metallic hoodie and leather and suede shorts. This outfit is perfect for a chill day but still fashion forward. I also can’t forget about the luxury handbags in this collection. Some of them are small and extremely cute, these are my favorite handbags in this collection. I also love the small gloss shoulder bags that have the “Karl” insignia stitched on the front. This collection has inspired me to take more fashion related risks and to also recognize different fashion in other countries.

You can view and shop the whole collection in the link below.


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