As a fashion blogger, it’s imperative to have all the latest trends and pieces. I would love to have every satin Balenciaga thigh high boot and every Laquan Smith dress that he’s ever made. To get to that level, you must work hard, save, discipline and budget your money. My best advice on shopping on a budget is to know how much your income is and saving a percentage of it.

You can buy anything you want, as long as you SAVE. You have to discipline yourself. If it’s really hard for you to save money, I would suggest you see an accountant or a financial adviser. Once you set aside your saved money, you should now have spending money for clothes and material items. Many of us fashion lovers LOVE to shop. So it’s easy to get carried away. You also want to bargain shop. I still enjoy hitting up thrift stores and seeing what I can get for a cheaper price. I also shop on certain apps that sell used clothes. I will list the apps below. You should all know by now that there is nothing wrong with shopping at cheaper stores like F21, H&M, and even Instagram boutique stores. Forever 21 in particular, has stepped their game all the way up. It isn’t all about name brands and wearing too many name brands can turn you into a “hypebeast” or even a label whore. 



Great shopping and selling apps for the low low:





Dress: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Simmi

Handbag: Balenciaga

Photography: @ScottyDixwell


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