I remember when thrifting was
“cool” back in ’09 and ’10. A lot of us were wearing vintage clothing
like silk pattern tops and high waist mom jeans. I could NEVER find a pair
small enough to fit me! Thrifting isn’t as popular as it use to be but I still
love digging and finding great stuff for a cheaper price. I bought my top from
a thrift store in Atlanta called Rag-O-Rama. My quilted, faux leather mini skirt
is H&M and I bought it from a thrift store that I went to in LA called Out
of the Closet. I paired this outfit with my Cinderella heels from Ego Official.
I would also pair this look with a mini purse and a fur jacket. This fit is a
great transition to fall. Below is a list of some of my favorite thrift stores
and similar looks to my outfit. Hope you guys like!




Out of the Closet


Buffalo Exchange


Beacon’s Closet


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