My earliest memory of
seeing “camo” in fashion was the music video for “Survivor”
by Destiny’s Child. I loved their sexy matching camo two piece outfits paired
with combat boots. The camouflage trend has been in effect for years. The first
clothing line that comes to mind when I think of camouflage is Bape. Their
signature hoodies are still hot to this day and I don’t see them ever going out
of style. Another one of my favorite recent fashion items is the reversible
camo puffer jacket by Vetements. I fell in LOVE with this item when I first saw
it and the jacket is the perfect balance of camo for me. Another recent trend
are camouflage pants. This trend is almost like jeans and can be paired
with almost anything whether its heels or sneakers.

For today’s look, I
paired my Urban Outfitters camouflage pants and sheer white crop top with my
Perspex heels (I like to call them my Cinderella heels) which are also similar
to yeezy. I didn’t accessorize much this time but I still made sure to wear my
silver thrifted rings. I was really going for a chill but sexy look. As
you all know, I love wearing baggy pants/jeans and mixing it up with heels. As
a woman in fashion, I have to be able to switch it up sometimes.

Top – Urban Outfitters

Bralette – F21

Pants – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Ego Official

Photography – @scottydixwell








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